Cork Jazz

Dance Exchange

2013 Was Amazing!

You helped us make a difference.

There was a fancy dress fundraiser for displaced students from Syria hoping to finish their education. A New Orleans Jazz Funeral through the streets of Cork. Surprise gigs in tiny pubs. Lindybombing live jazz gigs on our Swing Trail. There were classes from awesome teachers and Global Swing Broadcast put the whole event on the internet in real-time. Oh yeah, everyone who asked for hosting got a place!

☞ Check out all the photos & videos here

We Invite You!

Join us in 2014

Cork Jazz Festival
Bigger, Better & more Exiting!
We know you want another Jazz Funeral, Fancy Dress, pub nights, late parties and more Jazz Festival fun, so we’re going to provide all that— and more. Hosting will of course be provided, and there can be no doubt that you’ll have long-lasting memories of social dancing to the best live music and DJs we can find. To stay completely up to date with our progress you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

OCTOBER 24-27th, 2014

CJDX 2014

4 Days, 3 Nights

Live Bands!

Funky Venues!

Late Parties!


What’s a ‘Dance Exchange’?

Yes, your legs are going to be very tired.