The Exchange


Cork Jazz Dance Exchange is run by dancers, for dancers. You might know us. Our goals are to share our love of dancing with the rest of the world, offer a unique experience to local and visiting dancers alike, provide an enhanced experience of Cork’s long-standing and highly regarded annual Jazz Festival, and help grow the social dancing scene in our city and beyond.

Dance Exchange?

High-calibre live music and social dancing are the main focus of this event. There are many vintage American dances that are suited to the music you will hear. Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa & Blues, to name a few. Therefore, this is not strictly a Lindy exchange. We encourage exploration, and will have professional instructors available for anyone who is interested in learning.

With a Twist

As well as a variety of evening entertainment such as top bands, DJs and private late night parties, we are also drawing up a schedule of daytime events around the city,  giving you the chance to explore the sights and sounds of jazz-soaked Cork, and making sure your time in Cork is full of music, dancing, socialising, and as much of the infamous Cork Culture as you can handle.

☞ See photos & videos from Cork Jazz Dance Exchange 2013 here

About Cork


The patron Saint of Cork, Saint Finbar founded a monastery approximately 1,400 years ago. The city enjoyed a golden age during the seventeenth century, and played a prominent role in the struggle for independence. It is now the second largest city in the Republic.

Top Spot

Listed by Lonely Planet as “Best in Travel 2010“, and honoured in 2005 to be European Capital of Culture, Cork is without a doubt one of Ireland’s best cities to visit. A vibrant dance scene has been steadily growing over the last number of years, so it was only a matter of time before we built an exchange to cater for dancers during the biggest Jazz festival in Ireland!


Cork city is compact, pedestrian-friendly, laid-back and riddled with good pubs! Cork Airport is 15 minutes away by car or bus, or you can come here from anywhere in the Republic by train, and coach. To get the low-down on all the travel options check out our travel page.