Get Rested Up

The Cork Jazz Dance Exchange promises ceaseless opportunities to hit the floor, cut a rug, spin & stomp, strut & sweat. But between all the swing-outs and tuck-turns, our visiting dancers will undoubtedly require a place to cool their heels, mop their brows and rest their heads before the next session kicks off.

Grab a Spot

If you’re interested in a place to sleep at one of the Cork local’s abodes, you can let us know on the registration form. We will try to arrange as many hosting places as possible. The earlier you register, the better your chances of securing a cozy corner to re-energize. Of course, we’ll do our absolute best to ensure that everyone finds a place. While we will endevour to host as many guests as we can, we will be limited by the number of available volunteer hosts.

Get Involved

For those who can offer our visiting friends a place to sleep, please contact Mick Mackey ( It doesn’t have to be the lap of luxury. A sleeping mat on the ground or even just a corner in your room would do the trick. In return for your generosity you will experience:

  • Very nice company for the weekend
  • The offer of life-long lindy friendships
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that comes with doing a chum a favour
  • We’ll have more hosting information up soon. You can always check in with us on Facebook to stay completely up-to-date.